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Why You Need To Try Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Food Health | May 8, 2017 | By

Fitness has never been more competitive. It also has never been more confusing.

For those of us who devote hours to the gym every day and spend time focusing on diet and nutrition, it can be incredibly disappointing if we don’t see results. We take the best supplements, do the research, and put in the work.

Still, we hit the wall when it comes to reaching our goals. And none of our goals are more important than burning fat and building lean muscle mass.

If you’ve hit the wall it might be time to try the next great boost to your fitness regimen. Bulletproof coffee may be your key to success.

Don’t get lost in the latest fads. Bulletproof coffee is backed by science and endorsed by the brightest stars in Hollywood.

Let’s find out what bulletproof coffee can do for you:

What Is Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee sounds like one of the craziest concoctions ever when you hear about it at first. A typical bulletproof coffee recipe involves mixing strong coffee with butter and coconut oil.

Unfortunately, too many people who are dedicated to fitness don’t understand the role of healthy fat in reaching their goals. You can count calories and reduce fat entirely and still stall out in your progress.

This drink is as powerful as a protein shake for your success.

What About The Cholesterol?

Bulletproof coffee is counterintuitive in many ways. It promotes fat loss by introducing more fat.

Bulletproof coffee also seems unhealthy to many critics because it involves dropping butter in coffee and watching it melt. Who drinks pure butter to get healthy?

The difference with bulletproof coffee is that it uses grass-fed unsalted butter.

The Experts Agree

Doctors agree that there is such thing as healthy cholesterol. Coconut oil and grass-fed butter provide healthy cholesterol and promote overall health.

Plus, you can get those movie star results we keep reading about every day. If you want a fast way to burn fat and gain muscle, bulletproof coffee is something that actors swear by when preparing for a role.

Fast Results and Hollywood Looks

Adding in healthy fat won’t just help you burn your existing body fat. It will also give you the energy to fuel your workout.

Jonathan Tucker, the star of the show Kingdom, used bulletproof coffee to help shed 30 pounds for his role as a mixed martial artist. The results are clear when you take a peek at the most ripped star in Hollywood.

Watching your macro-nutrition means factoring in carbohydrates, protein, and fat. And bulletproof coffee will get you the fat calories you need and deliver results.

Bulletproof Coffee Is Delicious

One of the most incredible parts of bulletproof coffee is how great it tastes. You won’t miss your old brew at all.

Plus, you can experiment with a wide range of coffee blends. If you want an extra kick, try an espresso or Cuban coffee.

It tastes delicious!

Coupling bulletproof coffee with your best exercises will get you to your desired results faster. If you’re wondering which exercises to try we can help.

Starting with your arms will give you quick returns. You’ll be flexing your biceps and pointing your way to the beach in no time.

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