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Pole Dancing for Exercise

Teri Conley never imagined herself dancing on a pole, but now it is hard to pull her off. “This just makes you feel sensual, feminine, a side of myself I

Top 5 Tips To Prepare and Train For A Marathon

You’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a marathon. Whatever your reason or rhyme, it is normal to feel a little nauseous when faced with the overwhelming task of

Get In Shape With The Belly, Butt, And Thighs Workout

Many women dream about having a great butt, but in the interest of proportions, this would mean that they would have to shape up their belly and thighs as well.

Fall Into Deep Relaxation And Sleep – 3 Apps For Sleep Improvement

Whether you suffer from health problems that impact your ability to sleep, face tons of stress on a daily basis or simply had a rough day, you probably know that

Diet Versus Exercise: Why It Doesn’t Need To Be A Debate

Yearly, and depending on the number of celebrities to catch onto the trend, there is a new diet bandwagon for the body-conscious to jump into. These diets promise drastic weight

Inspire Your Kids to Exercise – Show Them Fitness Is Fun!

Childhood obesity is forever on the rise and it seems sad that today’s children are so sedentary. Weight is allowed to pile up on them before they are old enough

4 Benefits Of Exercising With An Arc Trainer

If you’re looking to get a low-impact exercise workout, an arc trainer may just be that perfect piece of exercise equipment you’ve been searching for. Your local gym is likely

Tips To Help Turn Your Unused Basement Into A Gym

The New Year is well underway, and if you’re like many people, losing weight was one of the high-priority items on your to-do list for 2013.  However, your motivation might

Different Types Of Low Impact Fitness Equipment

If you have a problem with your back or your knees, you are most likely looking for low impact fitness equipment that will allow you to stay in shape without

What Are The Fitness Benefits of Surfing? Quite a Few!

Surfing is a lot of fun and, as someone who used to live in Australia, it’s something that used to be a way of life for me. Surfing isn’t necessarily