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What Are The Fitness Benefits of Surfing? Quite a Few!

Exercise Benefits of Surfing

Exercise | March 8, 2013 | By

Surfing is a lot of fun and, as someone who used to live in Australia, it’s something that used to be a way of life for me. Surfing isn’t necessarily easy and it does take a lot of practice to become good, but along the way you do get a whole host of benefits from participating in this type of sport and one of those is the fact that you can get healthy quite quickly with this great all-over-body workout!

Arms, legs, abs – all of these areas are worked when you hit your surfboard and the best part about it is that unlike slogging away for hours in the gym, when you surf and keep fit you are often having a great time at the same time – and not even thinking about the exercise that you are getting.

So next time you hit the waves, or you are looking for a way to keep fit, look at the benefits that surfing can offer you and consider it as a real form of exercise and sport, as well as a whole lot of fun!

Exercise Benefits of Surfing

Four Parts of Your Body Which Really Benefit from Surfing

Your Arms

Your arms are probably the area of your body which will benefit the most from surfing. Think of the power that you need to pull yourself throughout those waves while you are waiting to jump up. Or even the power that you need once you catch that wave and you need to start paddling quickly. This will definitely give your arms a good workout.

Your Legs

Whether you are kicking in the water or balancing up on your surfboard, your legs will get a great workout from surfing. Think about that crouched position that you take when you are surfing and think about doing squats at the gym. This is the effect that surfing can have on your body!

Your Thighs

In a similar way to how it benefits your legs, surfing can bring about a number of benefits to your thighs. Tightening and toning them the constant pressure that you need to put on your legs throughout the surfing process is enough to really kick them into shape.

Your Shoulders

Shoulders are often one of the hardest areas of the body to tone and if you find that they are one area where you can’t really shape up then surfing could be just what you are looking for to do this. Your shoulders give you the power to cut through the water in preparation for your surfing experience and as such your shoulders will really start to benefit.