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Fall Into Deep Relaxation And Sleep – 3 Apps For Sleep Improvement

Exercise Products | August 7, 2013 | By

Whether you suffer from health problems that impact your ability to sleep, face tons of stress on a daily basis or simply had a rough day, you probably know that restless nights can be a bad occurrence for your mental and physical well-being and an even bigger impediment to muscle growth. In the past, it was difficult to understand what caused our sleep imbalances, which left many people with no solution other than urban legends and home remedies. As technology continues to evolve, however, we have found an increasing number of ways to improve our lives and in this case, our sleep quality. A variety of mobile applications have been developed that can offer users various benefits when it comes to proper sleep behavior and analysis. Below, we will discuss three mobile applications that can give you greater insight into your sleeping patterns and help you fall asleep each night stress-free.


With so many sounds and distractions buzzing about our ears from day to day, it comes as no surprise that these noises can be quite stressful on our subconscious minds. Without a way to properly unwind from this routine, it is inevitable that many will lay down each night with the irritations and stresses of the day still upon their shoulders. The Pzizz app for iOS devices is a great way to introduce new, unique sounds that aim to relax and sooth the mind rather than agitate it. Rather than use the same set of tracks over and over, the Pzizz app includes special algorithms that will generate completely unique sounds each time you use it. Anyone who is in need of some real relaxation – whether that is during the day or before bed – will appreciate Pzizz, available for $5.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Sleep Talk Recorder

Proper sleep is not just about falling asleep and waking up refreshed, but it is also about the intricate details of how you sleep throughout the entire night. For anyone who wants to know if they are at peace while asleep, the Sleep Talk Recorder app – available for $0.99 via the iTunes App Store – may be a great selection. Users will be able to activate the app and allow it to monitor their audio surroundings while they are asleep. If anything is said, the app will automatically record and document the noise for reference later that morning. How can this help you gain deep relaxation, you might ask? Excessive sleep-talking is indicative of a sleep disorder, so knowing if you talk excessively can help you seek proper treatment and attain the rest you deserve.

Sleep Hypnosis

The power of hypnosis has been proven effective in many different fields – sleep is no different. The Sleep Hypnosis app (Android Marketplace, free) allows users to experience guided meditation at their own pace, with the option to try out hypnosis sessions for as short or as long as they like. When the subconscious mind refuses to turn itself off, our bodies remain stressed and we cannot achieve deep sleep as intended. The Sleep Hypnosis app has several meditation exercises that can all be customized to fit your routine and schedule.