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Pole Dancing for Exercise

Exercise | February 9, 2014 | By

Teri Conley never imagined herself dancing on a pole, but now it is hard to pull her off.

“This just makes you feel sensual, feminine, a side of myself I think I had lost for a long time,” Conley said referring to her pole dancing.

Teri says not to get the wrong idea, by day she is a registered nurse, but by night she joins fellow dancers to take to the poles dancing for exercise both physical and mental.

“I got the best cardio workout last night I have ever had, on the pole for an hour,” said pole dancer Joanne Yanovick.

“The self-confidence level, the personal empowerment, you just float on it when you are here and you walk out with it as well.”

Once thought of as strictly for the strip clubs, pole dancing is now making it’s way to modern day dance studios.

“We have a motto here. It is leave your age, your size and your inhibitions at the door,” explained Moving Body dance instructor Judy Tiano before class.

“I walked in here three years ago and I have been teaching for two years.”

Judy Tiano teaches the ladies only class how to bring their sexy back through popular pole dancing moves. The moves have catchy names like kitty cats, stripper drop and fireman spin, but to get it right the moves require both strength and flexibility, not learned over night but rather over time.

Pole Dancing 101

Watching the more experienced ladies can be intimidating, but there are classes for beginners.

[Tweet “First it starts with the right shoes, about 5 inches high, then off to the dance floor.”]

On this night Judy is teaching Pole Basics. The best part of the beginning classes may be that you are not alone.

“This class is about learning spins and technique, then we are just going to drill it, ” Judy said instructing the class.

“I see the women coming in here for the first class and they are nervous and intimidated and they walk out of here glowing because they have accessed a femininity and a sensuality that maybe life took away from them for a moment.”

The glow may well be the reason pole dancing is taking off in the exercise industry. There is often a waiting list for classes for beginners at Moving Body

“This makes you feel like you are floating, hold on to the pole and you just spin around and you just feel like you are flying, it is just such a freedom,” Joanne said after class.

“I found something I didn’t even know I was looking for,” Teri added.

Pole Dancing classes are offered at Moving Body Fitness in Palm Desert. They offer pole dance classes for all fitness levels. The classes start with free Pole Dance Introductory and go as far as Pole 201. Moving Body Fitness also offers Zumba, Lap Dance and Fitness Ballet classes. Due to the small class sizes it is recommended you sign up on-line. For a schedule of classes log on to www.MovingBodyFitness.com.

The studio is located at 72-695 Hwy 111 suite A4 , Palm Desert, CA 92260