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4 Benefits Of Exercising With An Arc Trainer

If you’re looking to get a low-impact exercise workout, an arc trainer may just be that perfect piece of exercise equipment you’ve been searching for. Your local gym is likely

Get In Gear With The Correct Workout Gear

A fitness blog is a great way to keep up to date with the newest workout gear with the latest technology that will help you perform to your peak ability. There

Tips To Help Turn Your Unused Basement Into A Gym

The New Year is well underway, and if you’re like many people, losing weight was one of the high-priority items on your to-do list for 2013.  However, your motivation might

Brain or Belly: What is Stopping Me From Losing Weight?

Weight loss does not come from talking about losing weight. It does not come from wishing you could lose weight. Weight loss doesn’t even come by really knowing you need

Different Types Of Low Impact Fitness Equipment

If you have a problem with your back or your knees, you are most likely looking for low impact fitness equipment that will allow you to stay in shape without

What Are The Fitness Benefits of Surfing? Quite a Few!

Surfing is a lot of fun and, as someone who used to live in Australia, it’s something that used to be a way of life for me. Surfing isn’t necessarily

5 Creative Ways To Help Your Kids Get Plenty Of Exercise

Having to think about ways to help your children get the exercise they need is ironic. Kids just naturally come into this world as active creatures. So why should parents

Ladies! Top 10 Reasons Why Strong Is The New Sexy

Get strong. Get sexy. Looking and feeling good has never been easier, and is just what makes a girl light up the room with class, and more importantly, confidence. Need

Wrestling Workouts – Upper, Lower, Core and Endurance Exercises

A wrestler must focus on all of major groups of muscles during a competition. Workout routines can be used to enhance power and strength as well as endurance. Wrestlers should

Nutrition: Guinness vs Beer – Which is Healthier?

Guinness and beer actually contain unique health benefits which can have positive long term effects on the body. This infographic explores some of these health benefits by looking at some