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Nutrition: Guinness vs Beer – Which is Healthier?

Food Health | February 27, 2013 | By

Guinness and beer actually contain unique health benefits which can have positive long term effects on the body. This infographic explores some of these health benefits by looking at some of the unique qualities of Guinness versus other beers.  Did you know that isinglass, the substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish is used as a fining agent in both Guinness and beer barrels? Sometimes this passes through into the drink and is a great source of protein. Beer is also a great skin conditioner. Its yeast extract can improve the symptoms of acne by slowing down sebum production and killing off the bacteria that triggers it.

How long will it take to burn off a pint of regular beer or Guinness? It takes just 15 minutes to burn off a pint of Guinness but a little longer at 18 minutes to burn off a regular pint of beer. For this and more information on the battle of the beverages, read this informative infographic from Sports Bars in Chicago.

Guinness vs Beer - Which is Healthier