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Ladies! Top 10 Reasons Why Strong Is The New Sexy

Exercise | March 4, 2013 | By

Get strong. Get sexy. Looking and feeling good has never been easier, and is just what makes a girl light up the room with class, and more importantly, confidence.

Sexy Women's Workout

Need more convincing? Here are ten reasons why strong is the new sexy for girls around the world.

1. Guys like women who are independent. And women who can master a weights routine, commit to a program, and reap the strength to boot, will definitely feel empowered and in control. Chances are, looking this confident is going to catch someone’s eye!

2. Health comes first! Running, swimming, weights and cycling are all routines that will make your insides thank you. And if you feel good from the inside, you’re going to have the time and energy to take a little time out of your day to brush your hair and slap on some lippy. When you’re feeling good, the outside follows – so avoid those days curled up in your flannelettes where all you want to do is down a tub of Ben and Jerry’s!

3. You’re going to rule the beach. And not in a superficial way. You will feel confident enough to bring that volleyball or footy down and be social with friends in the surf and sun, and as a bonus, look great doing it!

4. Me time. Creating ‘me time,’ where you set aside periods for a gym class or a run, shows people that you are driven and motivated enough to take care of your health. Having this time can help you create boundaries between your personal and public life. Let your boss, work partner, or peers appreciate and recognise when you need time for you – they will respect it and want it for themselves too!

5. Sexy just doesn’t have to mean attractiveness in a physical sense. It can mean to appeal to others in terms of motivation and example. And what better way to appeal to your kids. Make them aspire to be like their strong, driven mum, who is healthy, happy and determined – it’s more likely that they’ll adopt this attitude too, because after all, you are the company you keep.

6. Wear what you want. Spoil yourself. That weight training wasn’t for nothing. You’re toned, looking great and want that short sleeved dress? Go for it. There’s nothing like indulging in a great wardrobe when you feel confident enough to pull a style off!

7.  “Strong is the new sexy” is the destruction of skinny as sexy. Be a positive role model for women everywhere by showing them that strength is more important that fitting into a size 6, or looking like a runway model. This message is already filtering the fashion and fitness industry, but still needs to run many miles more.

8. You get to indulge in some decadence once in a while and not feel guilty for it. Heck, why not make the indulgent night a trip to the movies (with choc tops) with your loved one! Feeling strong and fit will make you more sensible, and less sorry when it comes to treats, and you’ll be able to enjoy it! After all, there’s a gym class tomorrow!

9. Guys and girls can relate on some level? What? It seems that we now want strength from the gym too, and that’s okay! In fact, it means we can work out together! Guys like to take girls seriously, and being serious about the gym tells men that we aren’t all about a chin-wag, or ‘chin-walk’ on the treadmill.

10. You’re probably going to be more invested in your love life if you feel desirable and secure in yourself. Being strong physically can help you feel strong mentally and emotionally, so you can let go of the doubts that come with poor self-image.