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Tips To Help Turn Your Unused Basement Into A Gym

Exercise | March 14, 2013 | By

The New Year is well underway, and if you’re like many people, losing weight was one of the high-priority items on your to-do list for 2013.  However, your motivation might be lacking, specifically if you’re not seeing results as quickly as you hoped.  If you’re ready to jumpstart your weight loss mission all over again, there are a few things you can do right at home to help you without spending a lot of money.  Your basement is a great place for a workout, and by adding some aerobic exercises, you’ll find success comes a little faster.  If you use exercise videos or DVD’s, walk on a treadmill, or jump rope, you’ll find that the scale will start giving you better numbers before you know it.

Exercise Videos or DVDs

Why not turn your basement into your own aerobics studio?  An old television will suffice, and if you don’t have one, you can find one fairly inexpensively online through a classified ad.  Many people will actually just give away their old, working televisions because they’re upgrading to newer models.  Using a DVD player will give you a better picture than a VCR, but either one is good.  And, for the most part, you can purchase an exercise video or DVD to in the same store you buy your groceries.  There are lots of good ones out there, but as long as you find something that will get you moving and that you like, it will work.

Walk on a Treadmill

We’re certainly not suggesting that you run out and spend a lot of money on a treadmill, and if the weather is warmer year round where you live, you might not need to.  However, quite often you can also find treadmills online that are inexpensive, or even free.  If you’ve set up a television in your basement, you can watch television while you walk, which will help you pass the time.  Walking is really good for your heart, and as you get more in shape, you might even graduate to running.

Jumping Rope

Using a jump rope is also good exercise for your heart.  By doing it, you’ll work on your strength and agility as well, giving you a better-rounded workout, especially if you combine it with other exercises.  Jumping rope actually burns quite a few calories.  Just be sure you wear really good sneakers, as it can be quite stressful on your feet.

This time of year is a great time to get in shape.  If you start now, you’ll have time to work on that beach body you’ve always wanted.  Just be sure to vary your exercise routine and mix in a little fun to keep it enjoyable.

Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re looking to improve strength, get bigger muscles or just muscle conditioning/toning, you need to get yourself a good quality pair of dumbbells for your gym.

Getting adjustable dumbbells is a great way of getting all the different weights you will need for your workouts while saving that valuable floor space in your gym. You only need to purchase one pair of dumbbells and simply adjust the weights on each side to whichever weight you need for your workout! Here’s a great guide for buying adjustable dumbbells.