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Tips to Exercising Your Brain (Neurobics)

Most of us take our time to exercise our physical bodies but few take the initiative to refresh their brain. Training your brain is an important activity to ensure you

The Best Time to Stretch and How to Do It

Stretching is important, but not for the reasons you probably think. Experts now agree that stretching before working out is not as vital to preventing injury as they once believed.

7 Smart Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout and Lose Weight

How many times have you planned or even started out on a diet and exercise regime, only to lose steam a couple of days later? Fitness or weight loss is

3 Ways to Maximize Your At-Home Workout

Working out at home is a great way to save money and still stay in shape. However, without the accountability of joining a gym and the variety of equipment they

Why You Need To Try Bulletproof Coffee

Fitness has never been more competitive. It also has never been more confusing. For those of us who devote hours to the gym every day and spend time focusing on

Ahhhnold! Schwarzenegger

As for how to deal with California’s most urgent problem, its $8 billion deficit, Schwarzenegger is not saying much yet, except that, in the end, it’s all about leadership. And

APFT Standards: Pushups, Situps and 2-Mile Run

Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) Standards Ever wonder if you’re as fit as our nation’s military? Now you can measure yourself against the high expectations of the Army physical fitness standards. Simply find

Pole Dancing for Exercise

Teri Conley never imagined herself dancing on a pole, but now it is hard to pull her off. “This just makes you feel sensual, feminine, a side of myself I

What is Anaerobic Training and Exercise? Get the Definition Here

Anaerobic training is shorter than aerobic training in duration (less than two minutes), in which oxygen is not a limiting factor in performance, and requires energy from anaerobic sources. These

Top 5 Tips To Prepare and Train For A Marathon

You’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a marathon. Whatever your reason or rhyme, it is normal to feel a little nauseous when faced with the overwhelming task of