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8 Yoga Goals

Stretching | February 23, 2013 | By

Goal-setting isn’t commonly done as part of a yoga practice. After all, yoga is about letting go and zen whereas goal setting is a seemingly future-oriented action.

There’s no shame in wanting to deepen one’s yoga practice.

Yoga is practiced for reaching and enjoying a particular benefit, so we might as well get the most out of yoga practice by setting goals in our yoga practice. One simple goal is to resolve to do yoga practice daily … even if the sessions aren’t that long.

My informative infographic presents 8 great yoga practice goals any yogi can pursue to deepen their practice. Some of the goals are short term and others are longer term. The end result of the goals is to help yogis deepend their yoga practice and/or learn more.

Every yogi can practice setting goals in their practice regardless of yoga experience. Check out this yoga infographic and choose one of the yoga practice goals today and resolve to deepen your practice.

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